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For more than three decades, Patrick Netter, the Gear Guru®, has globally introduced iconic products in the anti-aging, health and fitness technology sectors.

His successes include accurately forecasting health trends. Patrick is credited with on-camera launching of the world’s first elliptical fitness trainer on The Today Show in the mid-90’s.  His creative skills helped breakthrough products achieve global sales — from the first rebounders and Gravity Boots to nanotechnology sporting goods, in addition to the latest brain-training machines.

Patrick invented a patent-pending breakthrough health machine. It’s a simple but powerful solution for people who sit more than 4 hours a day.  Complete the contact form below and you’ll be among the first when we share our inside info about our unveiling.

After establishing the first total tech retail equipment store, High-Tech Fitness he authored the acclaimed Workman Publishing book of the same name.  Patrick has appeared as an expert industry spokesperson on more than 400 national, local and cable TV shows on all major networks, as well as numerous podcasts, print and online interviews, including Inc Magazine, GQ and the NY Times.    

Precor, Panasonic and American Express are among Patrick Netter’s clients where he made his marketing impact. Patrick remains a  powerhouse in promoting breakthrough technology worldwide. 

High-tech Fitness-Book-author-Patrick-Netter“A year ago, while researching home gyms and exercise machines, I spent days traveling from store to store to compare the fitness equipment on the market. I wish I had read Patrick Netter’s book instead. What he has done in 280 pages is compile an impressively extensive display of fitness equipment, perhaps the most comprehensive ever published.”   

”This is one book where the attraction of the flashy cover does not wear off by the end of the introduction. Just be careful when you read this book in public because even the most dormant people I know wanted to take the book home for a workout.” 

  ― The Washington Post

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Patrick Netter, the Gear Guru®, reveals his industry secrets for effective media pitch techniques during his interview with John Livesay, the Pitch Whisperer.

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Inc. Magazine
Trend spotter, Patrick Netter interviewed by Inc. Magazine, “How To Win Influencers & Boost Your Launch.”

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We create compelling marketing content. 

Patrick has taken his years of network TV on-camera and producer’s experience to create a new kind of promotional concept called Investimercials  The purpose of these 15-second to 15-minute videos is to communicate a company’s story in an informative, credible and entertaining 60 Minutes-like investigative news format.  The result is increased engagement for companies and their consumers.  

Marc Pro—Pain Relief

NuCalm—Brain Relaxation

ROM— Iconic Fitness

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